Practice With Pals is an organization that understands the potential of matching kind and knowledgeable college students with kids eager to learn from them. In our program, we match young people who have certain talents and experiences to kids who may have interest in learning their skills in a session. We call these group sessions the “Practice,” and we call our student teachers the “Pals.” This practice may be in anything from sport to music to computer programming throughout the school year. 


The Practice With Pals program is targeted for children and adolescents hosted at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. We know many of these kids have had to miss or manage other issues around school and extracurriculars that their peers enjoy each day. That is where programs like Practice With Pals come in to give these kids the same chance to learn and play. Unlike other extracurricular programs, though, Practice With Pals is not a short annual day of service or an expensive tutoring program. Practice With Pals is fueled by our incredible student volunteers, and we work to provide long-term, scheduled practice to our kids for free, in their house and on their schedules.  We believe many college students have knowledge to share, and many kids in the program are eager to learn. 

If your child is interested in practicing with us, look out for us at the house. Interested volunteers can contact team@practicewithpals.org or find us on campus!