Questions to Join

Which children can Join a session with Practice With Pals?

Any child or adolescent of any age can join us while staying at the house! The partnership program with Ronald McDonald is by nature designed for children with disabilities or medical need. This includes any child or family members of a child recovering from long-term hospital care or chronic illness, and our volunteers are trained to work with all ages and ability levels. We will cater the program to our guests at each Practice session.

What types of activities can I learn in a Practice With Pals session?

Please see our offerings at the house for a complete list of upcoming activities. If you don’t see an activity you want to try, shoot us an email and we will try to find a volunteer to practice with you!


Do I have to pay for a Practice With Pals session?

No! Sessions are free and Pals work as volunteers. 


Where do Practice With Pals sessions take place?

Sessions take place at Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.


How many Practice With Pals sessions can I do, or how often can I practice?

As long as you are accessing Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, you are welcome to join!


Who are the pals volunteering in Practice With Pals?

All of our Pals are students at a college or university near you. Many of them are champions, experts or nationally renowned specialists in their area of Practice. 



Please email us or find a member of our team at a volunteer recruitment event in your dorm or campus community! We welcome as many volunteers with as many different skills as you can bring.

Any other questions? Send us an email at team@practicewithpals.org and we will get back to you!